Full-size skid-mounted SlickLine/SwabLine unit

  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Suitable for onshore/offshore operation
  • Stand-alone unit with integrated power pack
  • Removable side covers and doors to provide easy access to the winch bay and power pack sections
  • Environment-friendly drip pans with the drain plug
  • Integrated with the PCE control system and panel
  • Diesel engine / Electrical prime mover 120-220 Hp
  • Double/Split Drum
  • Single/Double/Triple Pieces versions
  • High-Tech innovated Fast Jarring system
  • Dynamic brake system. lever-control, pneumatic fully adjustable, fail-safe winch brake mechanism·
  • Quick and easy maintenance and interchangeable drum assembly with the self-aligning bearings
  • Powerful hydraulic winch drive
  • Weight: 5,300 Kg
  • Dimension (mm}: L=5300 W= 2450 H= 2300