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WinchPilot™ is a high-technology electronic monitoring and intelligent control system that is designed and tuned for deep-well-traveling equipment such as Slickline, Wireline, and Coiled Tubing units.

This system is connecting to a measuring device for receiving the required data and after various calculations, it will send the proper signals to the engine, hydraulic system, and brake system. It will show the results and messages on the control panel and the Touchscreen to communicate with the operator.

The main advantages are:

  • Safe running and pulling operation with maintaining critical dynamic limits of tension, depth, and speed.
  • Reducing human error and stresses
  • Reducing tool lost in the hole
  • Increasing data accuracy by applying complex mathematical calculations.
  • Recording the job history for further well-engineering decisions and reviewing the past situation.
  • Easy to switch metric/imperial measuring systems instantly.
  • Ability to synchronize with certain downhole memory gauges to match the depth and time for the best accuracy and time-saving, flawless correlation process.
  • Wire/Cable/Pipe management, ton-mile, and history recording.